Bird Aviaries

The work has started on the aviaries for the birds! We have the Love Birds and the Sun Conures which will be going into to separate aviary areas for everyone to enjoy!


Love Birds

Lovebirds are small, compact parrots about 5-6 inches in length and their expected lifespan is 15 years or more. They are very active, curious, palyful little birds, can also be a little bit feisty! They are very social and form deep bonds with thier owners and cage mates but also like a lot of attention. Due to their intense personalities, they can be prone to nipping and territorial aggressiveness and jealousy. Very chatty, wonderfully colored and never live alone.


Sun Conure

They are a brightly colored medium sized bird around 12 inches in length, their average lifespan is 25-30 years. Given adequate attention, the Sun Conures are loving little birds that are easy to train and thrive on their owners' companionship. As with other bird species, owners should make sure to provide safe areas for the Sun Conure to explore and investigate. Conures ar not shy birds and will let you know if their needs are not being met - I can attain to that fact! Their loud, shrill call is a tool that they use to bring attention to important situations, and many have been known to become excellent watch dogs!

At maturity, the Sun Cunure is a rainbow of bright yellow, red, orange, green and blue. Juveniles as a natural defense mechanism, are not nearly as colorful as adults. The first feathers are olive green in color, changing to a mixture of yellowish-oragnge at around 6 months of age. Full color plumage can be observed at approximately one year of age. Sun Conures also have black beaks and feet and characteristic white patches around each eye.


All birds need space to fly, move around and stay healthy and strong, the aviaires will provide such a space. They will have trees and branches to fly to and hang on to, shaded areas to snooze and nesting boxes to hopefully produce babies! A point to remember with these birds is that they never live alone!



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