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Bougainvillea - Climbing, Dwarf and Bush types

Photo of a Bougainvillea Imperial Delight Photo of a Bougainvillea Mary Palmer Photo of a Bougainvillea Barbara Karst Photo of a Bougainvillea Bush Flame Photo of a Bouganvillea California Gold  Bush Photo of a Blueberry Ice Photo of a Sundown Orange Photo of a Scarlett Ohara Photo of a Sunvillea Coral Photo of a Sunvillea Rose Pink Photo of a Raspberry Ice


Need something bright, bold and totally tropical? Bougainvillea comes in many shapes, sizes and colors with a thousand uses in the garden! 


Imperial Delight - Bush

The bracts have white centers with three-quarter pink shading at the tips. New buds start out white and develop the pink shading as it matures, the more intense the sun the deeper the pink will be! Full sun and moderate watering is all you need to give you an interesting show.




Mary Palmer - Bush

Large white flower blooms on a strong vining habit. This variety can be used in containers, hanging baskets, beds or borders. Needs to be Kept trimmed in the garden. Loves the sun and has moderate water need. Fertilize every month. Plant in large blocks of plants to give a wonderful array of solid color




Barbara Karst - Climber

Dark HOT PINK is the order of the day for this fabulous variety! She is a hardy shrub which grows to a medium height, she loves the full sun and will reward you with bright pink flowers for a long time! Evergreen leaves will give added color all year round







Bush Flame - Climber

Spectacular Bougainvillea Flame is suited for training into a bush, small trellis and hanging baskets. It does have a spreading habit so makes great bougainvillea ground cover too! Bright re-orange blooms that will never go un-noticed. Happy in the sun, water well until established. 







California Gold - Bush

Fabulous California Gold will give you quick ground cover

and a beautiful show of single golden flower clusters. It can be used in pots or planters to add a splash of color, water when dry and fertilize once a month.







Blueberry Ice - Ground Cover

This compact selection is perfect for small spaces with full sun. Cascading masses of lavender-blue flower bracts on arching stems with variagated leaves. Perfect for borders, hanging baskets and planters.







Sundown Orange - Ground Cover

Unique bracts that open deep orange, then turn to coral then to pale pink. This unique tri-coloring has made this newer variety a firm favourite. Loves the sun, keep well watered if in hanging baskets.






Scarlett Ohara - Ground Cover

Fabulous for quick cover with masses of color! Suitable for ground cover, planters or hanging baskets. Give it plenty of sun and water and it will reward you for weeks!  Evergreen







Sunvillea Coral - Dwarf

Produces a long season of color with salmon pink flower bracts, has upright mounding growth habit and is great for planters and borders. Evergreen. Keep in the sun and water when dry







Sunvillea Rose Pink - Dwarf

Fabulous rose-pink bracts in abundance! Perfect for that planter or pot as it produces masses of color. Lots and sun and water is all it needs!








Raspberry Ice - Dwarf

Beautiful spreading form exhibits a profusion of raspberry-pink blooms backed by contrasting variagated foliage. One of the hardiest varieties. Great as a hanging basket or colorful small shrub or groundcover. Evergreen.






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