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Bromeliad - Attractive, colorful plants for shade

Photo of a Bormeliad Guzmania Photo of a Bromeliad Bachitianna Photo of a Bromeliad Silver Vase Photo of a Bromeliad Aechemea Zebrina Photo of a Bromeliad Blue Tango Photo of a Bromeliad Neorgalia Tricolor


Bromeliad are indestructable plants that have long showy leaves and textured, unusual, colorful bracts. Give them the right conditions and you will never be disappointed with the results.


Bromeliad Guzmania

Bromeliads are wonderfully stunning plants that feature long, narrow, shiny green leaves that rise from a deep central cup. With large, showy flower bracts they will certainly keep your attention! Keep in the shade, water when dry, and they will reward you with color for weeks.




Bromeliad Bachitianna

Need color? Bromeliad Balchitianna will give you weeks and weeks of brilliant color, keep it in a sunny spot to keep the vivid orange color bright. It is a low maintenenace and low water plant, loves desert conditions and salt tolerant.






Bromeliad Silver Vase

These beautiful and durable plants are very easy to keep. Silver Vase Bromeliads large pink flowers will last for several weeks. Happy in a container or pot, low maintenance and low water, let it dry out between watering, but keep it in the shade.  










Bromeliad Aechemea Zebrina

Tiger striped silver leaves with truly unusual bracts. Large pink petals will show off this plant to its fullest. Keep in the shade, water when dry.











Bromeliad Blue Tango

Vivid green leaves show off this purple tipped flower to perfection! Either full sun or shade for this type, water when dry.









Bromeliad Neorgalia Tricolor

Striped leaves that get more pink the closer to the center of the bract which is bright red to complement. Shade lover, water when dry.


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