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Croton - Color and height in an easy package

Photo of a Croton Batik Photo of a Croton Curly Boy Photo of a Croton Franklin Roosevelt Photo of a Croton Mrs Iceton Photo of a Croton Magnificent Photo of a Croton Mammy Photo of a Croton Petra Photo of a Croton Sloppy Painter Photo of a Croton Banana Red Photo of a Croton Gold Dust Photo of a Croton Pie Crust


What a choice! Sun loving plants,  that will really make your borders and planters stand out! They are very adaptable, you can control the height they grow by trimming - ask our professional staff and they will assist you with that! Some shade is good with moderate water needs. Fertilize monthly.    


Croton Batik

In true Croton style an explosion of leaves and color!  An exotic blend of yellow, red, green, purple, plum and everything imbetween. Plant in the sun or shade, water when dry and it will give color all year round. Fertilize every month. Can grown to 4-6ft high with 3ft spread.



Croton Curly Boy

As its name suggests,  this Croton is grown for its curty, multi-colored foliage, and like all Croton's happy in the sun, water when dry and you will have a great looking border or planter all year! Fertilize every month. Will grow to 3-4ft high and 3-4ft spread.






Croton Franklin Roosevelt

Layers of darker leaves will create a cool impression on your borders and beds. Happy in the sun or shade, water well when dry. Will grown to 4-6ft high and 3-4ft spread.






Croton Mrs Iceton

Really gorgeous plant with so many colors! The paper like leaves varying from green right through the spectrum to yellows, reds and deep purple. Low maintenance plant for a great reward! Crotons develop their best leaf colors when planted in shifting sun. This plant will grow very high if you do not control it! Upwards of 10ft and 3-4ft spread.






Croton Magnificent

With darker leaves and splashes of brilliant color, this Croton will brighten up any border or planting. A low maintenance plant that will give more color if it is in the full sun. Will grow 2-5ft high with 3ft spread.






Croton Mammy/Nervia 

Propably one of the most recognised Croton in the Tropics! Variagated, brightly colored leaves which love the sun. Has moderate water needs, strong and hardy. Will grow to 3ft in height and needs 2-3ft spread.







Croton Petra

Crotons grown here come in an amazing diversity of leaf shapes and colors. Happy in a planter or pot or as a high hedge. Loves the sun, but will be content with some shade too! Low to moderate watering needs. Petra is evergreen and has mostly bright orange and deep rust leaf color, a sure fire way to brighten any area. Can grow to 8ft high and 3ft spread.







Croton Sloppy Painter sometimes called Eleanor Roosevelt

Great name for a great plant! Splashes of bright yellow on the leaves definitely look like someone has been careless with the painting.







Croton Banana Red

As its name suggests, lots of deep purples and red accompany this tall, twisted leaf effect type. Use it accent a planter or backdrop to brighter colored plants, will grow 3-4ft high and 3-4ft spread.







Croton - Gold Dust


Another superb type of Croton that will give you masses of color. Happy in the sun or shade, water when dry. Can grow 8-10ft high and 4-6ft spread






Croton - Pie Crust

As its name implies, the leaf edges look like the old fashioned pie crust! Splashes of red, green, yellow and everything in between!




Prices start from  3 gallon $30.




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