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Photo of a Diffenbachia Camile Photo of a Diffenbachia Tropic Snow Photo of a Diffenbachia Panther Photo of a Diffenbachia Tropic Rain


Diffenbachia - Camile

Large variagated leaves in an easy care indoor plant


3 gallon $30.00






Diffenbachia - Tropic Snow

Pale white snow effect on these large leaves. Fabulous indoor plant for any area.


1 gallon $20.00

3 gallon $30.00






Diffenbachia - Panther

Bright green leaves with central shading in lighter green and grey. Another great indoor plant!


3 gallon $35.00

5 gallon $45.00






Diffenbachia - Tropic Rain

Another type of large variagated leaves on this easy to keep indoor plant.


1 gallon $15.00

3 gallon $30.00






Price: $20.00