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Kalanchoe Cactus and Succulents

Photo of a Kalanchoe Thyrisifolia Photo of a Kalanchoe Fantastic Photo of a Kalanchoe Flapjack



Easy to keep for long term reward. These plants will happily sit in planters, pots or borders. Pure green leaves with variations in size and color tones. Fertilize every month.

Kalanchoe Thyrisifolia

Really dramatic oval leaf shape and red tinted color make this plant an unusual addition to your planters and pots, or create an artistic border. Loves the sun, and has low water need.





Kalanchoe Fantastic

Fabulous apple green leaves with tips of red and pink to give it color and distinction. Make your borders and planters look great. Loves the sun and has low water need.






Kalanchoe Flapjack

Bigger plant but contasting green color. Gives texture and some height to a planter or bed. Loves the sun and has low water need.




4" pot $12.00

6" pot $25.00

3 gallon $30.00



Full sun       Low

Price: $12.00