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Palm Tree - Areca

Photo of a Areca Palm Tree



Areca Palm

Absolutely fabulous tree for indoors or out. This is a shrub like tree, with slender, yellowish green feather like fronds that spread from several sturdy green trunks. Perfect for indoors, patios, decks, in planters or pots, but will eventually need to go in the ground. The leaves have a variety of color shades from yellow through to deep green. Will grow up to 20ft high. Likes shade or sun, if indoors give it a little bit of both!


3 gallon Interior $45.00

3 gallon Exterior $35.00

5 gallon interior $70.00

5 gallon exterior $70.00

7 gallon interior $125.00

7 gallon exterior $125.00

Price: $45.00