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Pots, Pots, Pots!

Photo of a Oriental Small Photo of a Bamboo Large Photo of a Large Blue Square Photo of a Round Red Beauty Photo of a Copper Prince Photo of a Large Oval



 Make a really big entrance with one of our many ceramic pots! Blues, reds, greens, many colors and styles to choose from. Need something special? if we do not have it let us order it in for you! We have the largest selection of pots on island, please come to our Pockwood Pond location to choose the color and style you like best.

This is just a sample of what we have


Oriental Small

 Brightly designed in various sizes for your desktop, deck table, ornamental wall or inside the house.










Bamboo Tall

Fabulous Copper Bamboo style pot which will fit in the garden or on the deck













Elegant Blue Square

Deep Blue in color to enhance your home or deck














Round Red Beauty

Deep metallic red pot to make any area look bright














Copper Prince

Tall, straight lines make this pot look good either at an entrance to your building or garden













Large Oval

Available in many colors this traditional round deep pot will make a great focal point




Prices start from only  $19.00 - $230.00


Price: $125.00