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Photo of a Eggplant Black Beauty Photo of a Sweet Red Pepper Photo of a Red Tomatoes


Eggplant - Black Beauty

An absolute favourite, prouduces masses of fruits, deep purple in color. This little fruit packs a punch in every bite! Brain food! Also low in carbs and calories. Likes the sun, keep well watered when in fruit.

Price 7 gallon $10.00










Red Pepper - Sweet Cherry Pepper

Very productive trees, like the sun and prouduces sweet small fruits. Perfect for a fresh salad or for cooking. Keep well watered when in fruit.

Price $8.00




Red Tomatoes

What's not to like about this amazing, flexible fruit? You can eat is whole, cook with it, use it in an abundance of dishes! Easy to grow and maintain, lots of sunshine and water well when in fruit. Low in fat, sodium, cholesterol and calories, high in many vitamins!


Price 3 gallon $20.00

Price: $8.00