What Is a Plant Nursery?

A photo of fruit

A plant nursery is designed for the propagation and care of young plants. We at Groundworks BVI are creating such a space at our Pockwood Pond location to allow us to give you the best possible choice and selection of quality plants available.

Our Nursery, allows us to propagate home grown plants, and new varieties in order to build up a good number of stock suited to the islands growing conditions. Our propagation areas are monitored by professional staff, who understand the requirements of new plantings. Water, light, sunshine, and the right soil conditions are all valuable assets to growing plants. It will allow us to obtain new types and varieties that will survive in our climate before we sell them to you, that way we can ensure they are healthy and happy before moving into the Garden Center.

In the months to come, you will see us expanding our offerings of plant selections and sizes to you, more fruit varieties, more vegetable varieties and certainly more shrubs and trees.

A photo of a tomato plant

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Starting October 1st we will have a monthly PLANT SCHOOL, via the Nursery page, information and advise, tips and tricks on how to get the very best from plants here in the BVI. There will also be some unusual facts and “did you know” about the plant of the month!
The page is hosted by our own Garden Center Manager who holds a degree in Horticulture. Have a question? Ask away, our contact page is designed to help us to help you! Our Facebook page is also a great destination for information and news.