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We are a locally owned company which understands the challenges of land development in the British Virgin Islands, this is re-enforced by the large number, and the quality of the projects we currently have in production.

Our professional expertise and desire to succeed will be of real benefit to you, the client. We endeavor to give you cost effective solutions to even the most challenging locations to ensure you get creative designs and resolutions to enhance and beautify your location.

Because of our highly experienced team, we excel in many areas: Landscaping, Maintenance, Design and Ideas, the production of Top Soil and deliveries, Land Clearance, Creating practical solutions for all your land needs including Irrigation and ponds. The relocation of large trees is a challenge that we have successfully undertaken with real results.
Natural stone walls, stone beddings for healthy plants, all selected from our quality Garden Center, many of which are indigenous to the Caribbean.

Our Garden Center is managed by professionally trained staff who can not only recommend the right plants for your location, but how to keep them looking as good as the first day they were installed!

Long term solutions to keep all your outdoor areas uniquely designed and maintained to a high degree. Visually pleasing our joint planting ideas will ensure your gardens and landscaped areas look amazing all year round.

We welcome the opportunity to be involved in your location!


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When Ground Works carries out an installation on any project we expect a solid performance from our products. Our warranties are the best in the business in the Virgin Islands. To us it is simple, unless your installation is destroyed by an act of nature such as hurricanes and so on, or you destroy it with a backhoe we will replace any item that dies during the warranty period.

No fuss, no nonsense, no unreasonable delays, no problems! We can help you with the Design, Implementation and suggestive ideas, provide quality and unique materials to enhance your space.

From plants, trees, water features, and the implementation of rock and stone features. Ground covers from stone to grass, pavers and slabs.

All our materials are Grade A, this allows us to give our unwavering dedication to providing you, the client, with excellent value.

“Our goal is to ensure that clients receive excellent long term value for their investments in their property’s landscaping”


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Whether we create your outdoor space or not, maintenance is they key! We have a wide range of contract options to make sure it’s cost effective for all your plants, lawns, walkways, irrigation, lighting, and landscape features to be kept looking at their best at all times.

Once an installation is complete we will return to your site a minimum twice per month for 3 months at no extra charge, to ensure that it is performing well and of course to ensure that the proper care is being given to the plants and areas that were developed.

Excavating and Trucking

We all know how challenging the environment on Tortola is but Ground Works believes that punctuality and reliability is the key to any project being successful, in accordance with that we maintain a solid comprehensive fleet of heavy machinery to allow us to be on budget and on time the first time!

No clearance job can be undertaken without the assistance of the mechanical hands! We have large and small machines to fit all locations and areas. Have a difficult location to work?

We will work with you to make sure it is completed effectively and with as little impact on the surrounding areas as possible. We also remove all rubble and waste materials from a site.

Garden Center

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Our Garden Center at Pockwood Pond is on a three acre site that houses a 10 thousand square foot shade house and 2000 square foot Garden Center. It is fabulously stocked with over 9,000 healthy plants boasting indoor and outdoor specimens.

We have a choice of many varieties from shrubs to trees, all of which are already acclimated and ready to enjoy your location. Do you need something special?

Just let us know we can get it! Our selection of plants allows us to give you very creative designs and ideas.

We also have the islands largest stock of Ceramic Pottery, compost, organic soils, fertilizers, organic pesticides and equipment such as hand tools, power tools.

If we do not have something you need we can get it for you!

Tree moving

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Anyone can move a tree, right? Sure they can! BUT our success rate is the highest in the BVI! We have the most success because we have the knowledge, machines and professionals to make it work!

Tree moving requires planning and logisitics, machinery and tools, but most of all professionalism, knowledge and care. Our success rate is the highest in the British Virgin Islands of trees surviving after a move simply because we have all of these things.

“It is a stressful endeavor for any plant to be moved, but trees because of their size it is more so…”

Soil Retention: Gabion Baskets

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And now our very own creation! Ground Works are proud to have designed the Gabion Basket!

How important is Soil Retention….let us count the ways!
The environmental repercussions of not taking care of Soil retention are enormous, especially on islands as precious as the British Virgin Islands. No one wants to see their land simply being washed away into the ocean causing unseen damage, but more importantly, no Soil, no base for growth, planting, and development
Have a large area to fill? Need to create a wall? Steps or stairways? The Gabion Basket is the perfect solution! They have a myriad of uses in the Garden and Landscaping arena.

We at Ground Works work very hard to educate, promote and utilize the skills of Soil Retention to all our clients. We produce our own Top Soil here on location at Pockwood Pond, so will always have a quality product to provide for your location.

We will advise you on the best possible options which will include walls, tree and shrub planting, creating pathways and walkways and of course grass!


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Once again, with the emphasis on the environmental understanding, we at Ground Works fully understand the constraints of water in the British Virgin Islands. This does not mean that irrigation should not be a consideration, in the long term it is a cost effective method of plant watering and a degree of maintenance. We can offer cost effective solutions to irrigation to enable your areas to look fresh and healthy all year round.

Systems can be as simple or as complex as you would like! They can be imbedded within the flower beds or situated in open areas. Water can be used efficiently and cost effectively by putting them on timers. Our experts can advise and offer suggestions to suit your location.

Indoor Plantings

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Did you know that plants have calming and cleaning properties? Consider that within an office, resort or staff environment!

Many plants are specifically chosen by us, from our own Garden Center, because not only do they enhance your space but some can remove 90% of toxins in the environment within 24 hours!

The manufacture of synthetic substances and materials are off gassing, some for years after manufacture and certain plants can be of benefit in absorbing those and keeping the air clean.

Our professional staff at Ground Works can advise and recommend the best plant for your indoor space with the full knowledge of the benefits to you.

Need something to brighten up the office space? A hotel lobby or guest rooms? Staff areas? Here at Ground Works we once again can offer you the perfect solution to that!

Indoor planters are carefully chosen in variety type and container color and shape to suit the area you need them the best!

Pots and Containers

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Last but definitely not least! We have a huge array of pots and ceramic planters to make your indoor and outdoor space really special!
Have a particular shape? Size? We can get it for you if we do not have it in stock

Color important! We have a wide range of bright and natural to suit your selection!

Here at Ground Works we pride ourselves on our Professional attitude, unsurpassed service, great innovating ideas, whilst being cost effective and timely on projects – let us help you make your outside and inside areas as fabulous as they can be!

Call or email us with confidence knowing we have the ability to address all your Gardening, Landscaping, Heavy Machinery, Indoor Planting, Soil Retention and Irrigation needs!

“ The art of Creativity is at your fingertips”………