Product Categories

Plant and Garden Care

White Marble Chips

Glorious bright white marble ground cover

Price: $16.50

Solo Backpack Sprayer

Great solution for dealing with spraying in all those hard to reach places

Price: $150.00

Shultz Rose Garden

Designed specifically for Roses

Price: $9.00

Shultz Lawn Weed

Specifically designed to kill weeds in lawns

Price: $11.95

Shultz Expert Plant Food

All purpose food for your garden

Price: $25.48

Shultz Expert Bloom Plus

Great way to get bigger flowers

Price: $15.75

Scotts Turf Builder Mini Broadcast Spreader

Easy, controlled method of spreading seed or fertilizer to your lawn

Price: $56.50

Scotts Turf Builder Hand Held Spreader

Lightweight hand held spreader for your lawn needs

Price: $27.75

Scotts Nature Scapes Mulch

Dark brown quality mulch for your garden

Price: $14.00

Scotts Nature Scapes - Black Mulch

Delighfully dark

Price: $14.00

Rexius Orchid Bark

The perfect product for perfect orchids

Price: $33.50

Red Lava Rock

Magnificently colored reds and purples

Price: $21.00

Quality Topsoil

Topsoil Produced by Groundworks BVI

Price: $35.00

Pro Mix

Wonderfull addition to the soil

Price: $55.00

Premium Green Smart Mulch

Premium wood mulch

Price: $14.00

Osmocote Pot Shots

Fertilizer in an easy package

Price: $18.99

Ortho Weed B Gon

Great for use of lawns for killing weeds

Price: $27.75

Ortho Ground Clear

Effective weed control

Price: $69.00

Ortho Disease B Gon

Good all round control of common pests

Price: $23.50

Ortho Dial n Spray

Easy way to deliver fertilizer or pest control

Price: $18.50