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Hi Yield - Grub Free Zone II

Grub free lawns and borders

Price: $21.50

Hi Yield - Kill a Bug II

For Lawns and border areas

Price: $21.50

Miracle Gro Moisture Control Garden Soil

The perfect solution to our climate

Price: $21.50

Miracle Gro Seed Starting Potting Mix

Give your seeds the best possible start

Price: $9.00

Shultz Rose Garden

Designed specifically for Roses

Price: $9.00

Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Long term feeding product

Price: $15.00

Miracle Gro Garden Soil

Specially fomulated for a whole variety of plants

Price: $10.00

Hi Yield - Fire Ant Control

Effective method for killing fire ants even on grass

Price: $16.85

Bonide Wilt Stop

Non toxic option for halting the wilting of plants

Price: $17.00

Bonide Animal Repellant

Safe, natural animal repellant

Price: $35.00

Ferti-Lome Broad Spectrum Fungicide

Destroys a lot of our common insect invasions

Price: $19.08

Bonide Fruit Tree Spray

Easy to use liquid spray

Price: $36.94

Hi-Yield Fungicide

A preventative fungicide for general all purpose use

Price: $27.94

Ortho Disease B Gon

Good all round control of common pests

Price: $23.50

Bayer Vegetable and Garden Insect Spray

Fast acting spray that kills on contact

Price: $20.50

Miracle Gro Organic Choice

Great Organic option for the garden

Price: $15.00


One of the most familiar of plants

Price: $15.00


Fabulous color perfect for hillside gardens

Price: $12.00

Sansevieria - Add Spectacular shape to your garden

Dramatic shape and color in one plant

Price: $12.00

Ixora Dwarf

The brilliance of the Ixora flowers in a dwarf size

Price: $12.00