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Bougainvillea - Climbing, Dwarf and Bush types

Flexible plant, suitable for beds, planters, pots, trellis or hanging baskets

Price: $16.00


Strong color Annual which the butterflies love

Price: $12.00

Kalanchoe Cactus and Succulents

Really Dramatic leaf shape and color in a long lasting plant

Price: $12.00

Clerondendrom Tree

Highly fragrant large shrub or small tree

Price: $20.00

Hibiscus - White

High on the list of favourite tropical plants

Price: $27.00


Big color in a compact plant

Price: $7.00

Arboricola Dazzle Bush

Dwarf Arboricola with variagated leaves

Price: $12.00

Buttonwood Silver

A beautiful color contrast with the green landscape

Price: $22.00

Pothos Vine

Easy to grow vine to fill a container or planter

Price: $18.00

Rheo Discolor

A familiar face in the tropics

Price: $12.00

Cordyline Exotic

Big leaf drama with the fabulous Cordyline

Price: $25.00

Bromeliad - Attractive, colorful plants for shade

Stunning plants that have large showy bracs in amazing colors

Price: $30.00


True favourite of the Tropics Evergreen with constant flowers

Price: $35.00

Arboricola Gold Capella

Salt tolerant, hardy and bold leafed plant

Price: $30.00

Oleander - Calypso Pink

Vivid Pink Blooms with a backdrop of Evergreen Leaves

Price: $25.00

Ruella Bush Evergreen

Large Deep purple flowers on this shrub make it a favourite

Price: $15.00

Croton - Color and height in an easy package

Spectacular array of color, shapes and sizes with Evergreen long lasting leaves

Price: $30.00

Boston Fern

Classic deep green fern to fill those shady areas

Price: $18.00

Crown of Thorns

Year round Strawberry flowers on this popular Cactus and Succulent

Price: $12.00

Duranta Golden Mound

Brilliant Gold leaves make this Shrub a winner

Price: $18.00